Earning from stock market and making you earn from it

The website is headed by Ashish Joshi & Bharti Joshi who have extensive investment experience in the financial sector spanning a variety of disciplines such as Equities, currency and commodities for over 10 years.

Ashish Joshi holds a post graduate degree in Science and Diploma in financial management. Bharti Joshi is a qualified C.F.A. and a commerce graduate.

They have an expertise in finding multibagger and Value Pick stocks for long term investment .

" The Simplest Method to earn from Stock Market is Investment"
Bharti Joshi
Bharti Joshi - CFA
- SEBI Registered Research Analyst
"Long term investment is the only method to fulfill your big dreams. As your goals so will be your planning "
Ashish Joshi
Ashish Joshi - Technical Analysis Tutor
- Professional trader and investor



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Invest in
horses and not

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Portfolio Rebalancing

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Portfolio Rebalancing


We Worked with many short term traders and noticed they were changing their trading systems after major big moves. So tried to analyze why they changing system because no one was actually earning!!!

The thing here was not that, that their system was not good but the problem was their psychology and money management. It needs hard work, dedication, higher level of controlled psychology, a tight and clear money management system to work on short time frames.

More above all, I always believe in smart work. You can call me lazy or so but if I could get money by just entering in good trade and sitting to reap its profit why should I work hard whole day in front of computer watching every price movement.

I analyzed the success stories of investors like Warren buffet, Rakesh Jhunjuwala , even many industrialist. All were successful because they knew where to invest and they had patience to wait, for their investments to give what they want.

I Will alwayes choose a lazy person to do a diffcult job, Becasue, he will find an easy to do it.

-Bill Gates

We made systems for finding best stocks that have potential to change your fortunes and started investing, invested, earned and are currently enjoying their benefits. With our increasing investments, their values we thought to expand it and show everyone the proper planned way to earn in market. Short term trading rules as I mentioned above is not possible for everyone to follow.

So we came up with the idea of multibaggers.co.in, a concept of long term investments that should be in each house, Why not sow a seed of money today to have a tree of it in our backyard after some years. Why just keep on working for money for our whole life. Why not to make people fulfill their passions and let their money work for them.

Should You Invest with US

If you have some big dreams or willing to create wealth and change your fortune, invest with us for long term and see how
your thousand convert into lacs because of compounding affect that gives magical returns in stock market.

Our clients come from a wide cross-section of industries, from property/real estate to transport, gift services, sports and recreation, professional services and lots more.

They all have one thing in common – the knowledge that they cannot build their wealth by 2-3% and their desire to grow more.


Warren Buffet

Investments in stocks is safe


No one can claim riskless returns in any business and so is stock market.
If you want something riskless then opt for Govt. securities or salaries.
Usually banks -PF give 7%-8% annual return but stock markets could give you much more than that
Only if you are ready to take additional risk.

Stock market gives much more returns due to its riskier nature and that too in long term investments.
So we request not to see the daily price fluctuations in long term investments.