21 May, 2018

Summary of Value Investing: Famous value investors?

What is value investing?

Value investing is an investment model which involves buying undervalued securities. The securities whose market price is lower than its intrinsic value are undervalued securities. In simplest forms buy the security with highest margin of safety. Margin of safety= Intrinsic value- Market Price. The lower the market price compared to intrinsic value higher wil
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18 May, 2018

What is a Share and What is a Share Market?

Share Market Basics for Beginners

Stock market is a vast subject that cannot be compiled in one writing. Effort has been made to outline critical element that needs to be known to initiate with stock market. The share (stock) market array traders and investors to trade shares (stocks). Share market is not any physical market; it’s a network of stock transactions that occurs in electr
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14 April, 2018

How to identify a multibagger stock?

What are the secrets to choosing a multibagger stock?

Stock analysis is an art and science. Research is a very particular concept; even views of Analyst contradict in same stocks. Generally there are 2 branches of study for finding a Multibagger stock: Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. 1. Fundamental Analysis: Some Analyst prefers the past annual reports, scan the finan
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12 April, 2018

What is a multibagger stock?

Meaning of Multibagger Stock

MULTIBAGGER STOCK is a term that we often hear of. Though there is no specific definition available for this term. It is an investment jargon which is used by market participants to describe an equity stock which gives you multiple times return. According to layman, 100% return is defined as a single bagger, likewise two baggers give 200% returns. For mul
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