We have mentioned below the list of E-books on trading and investment in stock market, these are must read best selling E books for beginners and all participants of market. If you are interested in these E books feel free to contact us.

Sr.No Ebooks
1 Alberto Sabaini – Trading Toolkit Collection Vol.3. Gli Swing Chart Di W.D.Gann
2 Alexander Elder – Trading for a Living
3 Analysis of Time Series Structure. SSA and Related Techniques
4 Andrew Willis – The Insiders Guide to Trading the World Stock Markets
5 Ari Kiev – Trading to Win. The Psychology of Mastering the Markets
6 Bernie Schaeffer – The Options Handbook. How to Supercharge Your Option Trading
7 Bill Williams – New Trading Dimensions
8 Bill Williams – Trading Chaos
9 Bruce Gilmore – Geometry of Markets (I, II)
10 Bryce Gilmore – Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends
11 Charles Geisst – The Last Partnerships. Inside the Great Wall Street Dynasties
12 Charles Le Beau, David Lucas – Day Trading. Systems & Methods
13 Charlie Wright – Trading as a Business
14 Christoph Rauscher – Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis
15 D.A Benthon – How to Act Like a CEO. 10 Rules for Getting to the Top and Staying There
16 David Allen – Geting Things Done. The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
17 David Dreman – Contrarian Investing Strategies. The Next Generation. Psychology and the Stock Market
18 David Hutton – Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
19 David Landry – David Landry on Swing Trading
20 Don Hall – Pyrapoint
21 Don Hall – Pyrapoint for Ensign
22 Donny Lowy – The Penny Stocks Trading System, eBook
23 Edgar Peters – Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets
24 Edgar Peters – Fractal Market Analisis. Applying Chaos Theory to Investment and Economics
25 Edward Thorp – The Mathematics of Gambling
26 Elaine Scott – Stocks and Bonds. Profits and Losses. A Quick Look at Financial Markets
27 Eric Shawn – Paytrading. From $2000 to $1 Million in 10 Years…or Less
28 George Collins – Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis
29 George Friedlob, Lidia Schleifer – Essencials of Financial Analysis
30 George Pruitt – Building Winning Trading Systems with Tradestation (with CD)
31 George Soros – Interviews
32 George Soros – The Bubble of American Supremacy
33 Gerald Marisch – The W.D. Gann Method of Trading
34 Gillette Edmunds – Comfort Zone Investing
35 Gregory Morris – Candlestick Charting Explained. Times Techniques for Trading Stock and Futures
36 Halliker’s Inc. – Gann Masters II
37 Harold Goldberg – The Power Index Method for Profitable Futures Trading
38 Howard Abell – Digital Day Trading. Moving from One Wininf Stock Position to the Next
39 Jack Schwager – Jack Schwager’s Complete Guide to Designing and Testing Trading Systems
40 Jack Schwager – Jack Schwager’s Guide to Winning with Automated Trading Systems (Course Manual)
41 Jack Schwager – Stock Market Wizards
42 Jack Schwager – The New Market Wizards
43 Jake Bernstein – Introduction to Technical Analysis
44 Jake Bernstein – No Bull Investing
45 Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader I, II
46 Jake Bernstein – Trade Your Way to Riches Now (Seminar)
47 James Langham – Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices
48 Jay Kaeppel – The Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading
49 Jea Yu – Guide to Electronic Trading. Day Trading Techniques of Master Guerrilla Trader
50 Jeff Cooper – The 5 Day Momentum Method
51 Jefrey Katz – The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies
52 Jesse Livermore – How to Trade Stocks
53 Jesse Livermore – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
54 Joe DiNapoli – Trading with DiNapoli Levels
55 Joe Ross – Electronic Trading TNT I – Gorilla Trading Stuff
56 Joe Ross – Electronic Trading TNT II – How-to-Win Trading Stuff
57 Joe Ross – Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. Vol I
58 Joe Ross – Futures Trading (German)
59 Joe Ross – Trading by the Book
60 Joe Ross – Trading by the Minute
61 Joe Ross – Trading Manual (Tips, Ticks, Strategies and Tactics for Traders)
62 Joe Ross – Trading Spreads and Seasonals
63 Joe Ross – Trading the Ross Hook
64 John Campbell, Luis Viceira – Strategic Asset Allocation
65 John Ehlers – Mesa and Trading Market Cycles
66 John Ehlers – Rocket Science for Traders
67 John Hill, George Pruitt – The Ultimate Trading Guide
68 John Hull – Options, Futures, and Other Derivative Securities. 2nd
69 John Murphy – Chart Pattern Recognition for Metastock
70 John Murphy – Intermarket Technical Analysis
71 John Murphy – Simple Sector Trading Strategies
72 John Murphy – Technical Analysis of Finacial Markets
73 John Paulos – A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market
74 John Piper – The Way to Trade
75 Johnatan Mun – Real Options Analysis Course. Business Cases and Software Applications
76 Jones Marchal – Learn To Day-Trade the E-Mini S&P 500. Simple-as-123
77 Joseph Mathai – Real-Time Systems Specification, Verification and Analysis
78 Joseph Rondione – Gold. Symmetrycs Trading Method
79 Jyh-Shing Roger Jang – Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing
80 Ken Wolff – Trading on Momentum. Advanced Techniques for High-Percentage Day Trading
81 Kenneth Shaleen – Technical Analysis & Options Strategie
82 Kim Charles – Swift Trader. Perfecting the Art of Day Trading
83 Larry Pesavento – Astro Cycles. The Trader’s Viewpoint
84 Larry Pesavento – Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition
85 Larry Pesavento – Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets
86 Larry Pesavento – Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading
87 Larry Sanders – Trading Strategies
88 Larry Williams – How to Trade Better
89 Larry Williams – Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading
90 Larry Williams – Million Dollar Stock Market Idea
91 Larry Williams – The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains
92 Lawrence Cunningham – How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett
93 Leght Stevens – Essential Technical Analysis. Tools and Techniques to Spot Market Trends
94 Lico Reis – Dictionary of Financial and Business Terms
95 Linda Mead – Investing with Giants Tried and True Stocks that Have Sustained the Test of Time
96 Linda Raschke – Street Smarts
97 Louis Mendelsohn, John Murphy – Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis
98 Ludwig Mises – The Theory of Money and Credit
99 Malcolm Robinson – An Introduction to Direct Access Futures Trading
100 Mark Boucher – The Hedge Fund Edge. Maximum Profit, Minimum Risk. Global Trading Trend Strategies
101 Mark Conway – Professional Stock Trading. System Design and Automation
102 Mark Douglas – Trading in the Zone
103 Mark Helweg, David Stendahl – Dynamic Trading Indicators
104 Mark Jurik – Computerized Trading. Maximizing Day Trading and Overnight Profits
105 Mark Mcrae – Sure-Fire Forex Trading
106 Martin Pring – Investment Psychology Explained, Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets
107 Martin Pring – Martin Pring on Market Momentum
108 Martin Weiss, PhD – Crash Profits. Make Money when Stocks Sink and Soar
109 Michael Mcdonald – Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis
110 Michael Sincere – Understanding Stocks
111 Michael Turner – Daytrading into the Millenium
112 Money Management Strategies by John Wiley & Sons (don’t know author)
113 Murray Ruggiero – Cybernetic Trading Strategies
114 Nassim Taleb – Dynamic Hedging. Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options
115 Nassim Taleb – Fooled by Randomness
116 Nauzer Balsara – Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders
117 Nina Golyandina – Analysis of Time Series Structure. SSA and Related Techniques
118 Paul Sarnoff – Jesse Livermore. Speculator-King
119 Perry Kaufman – Smarter Trading. Improving Perfomance in Changing Markets
120 Perry Kaufman – Trading Systems and Methods. 3nd
121 Peter Bernstain – Against the Gods. The Remarkable Story of Risk
122 Peter Steidlmayer – Steidlmayer on Markets. A New Approach to Trading
123 Peter Zhang – Exotic Options
124 Philippe Jorion – Financial Risk Manager Handbook. 2nd
125 Raj Jain – Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis Techniques
126 Ralph Vince – Portfolio Management
127 Richard Brealey – Fundamentals Corporate Finance
128 Richard Smitten – Trade Like Jesse Livermore
129 Richard Wyckoff – The Day Trader’s Bible. Or My Secrets of Day Trading in Stocks
130 Richart Irwin – Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies. 2nd
131 Rober Prechter, Alfred Frost – Elliott Wave Principle
132 Robert Balan – Elliott Wave Principle
133 Robert Colby, Thomas Meyers – The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators
134 Robert Deel – The Strategic Electronic Day Trader
135 Robert Fischer – Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders
136 Robert Jorgensen – Individually Managed Accounts an Investor’s Guide
137 Robert Krausz – W.D. Gann Treasure Discovered Simple Trading Plans for Stocks & Commodities
138 Robert Miner – Dynamic Trading
139 Ryan Jones – The Trading Game
140 Sam Cross – All About…The Foreign Exchange Market in the Usa. Frs, 1998
141 Scott Carney – The Harmonic Trader
142 Sheldon Lin – Lecture Notes in Mathematical Finance
143 Steve Nison – Japanesse Candlestick Charting Techniques
144 Steven Achelis – Technical Analysis from A to Z
145 Steven Shreve – Stochastic Calculus and Finance
146 Sumner Levine – The Financial Analyst’s Handbook. Only Market Timing and Technical Analysist. 2nd
147 Thomas Bulkowski – Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns
148 Thomas DeMark – DeMark on Day-Trading Options
149 Thomas Gebert, Paul Husgen – Candlestick Charttechnik (German)
150 Thomas Long – Owner’s Handbook. New Trading Techniques Using Planetary Harmonics
151 Toby Crabel – Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout
152 Tom Joseph – A Mechanical Trading System
153 Tom Joseph – Advanced Get. Applying Technical Analysis
154 Tushar Chande – Beyond Technical Analysis. How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System
155 Tushar Chande, Stanley Kroll – The New Technical Trader
156 Valluru Rao – C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (Html Book)
157 Van Tharp – Special Report on Money Management
158 Van Tharp – Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
159 W.D.Gann – 45 Years in Wall Street
160 W.D.Gann – Forecasting
161 W.D.Gann – How to Trade, 1935
162 W.D.Gann – Master Calculator for Time Periods, 1955
163 W.D.Gann – Master Charts
164 W.D.Gann – Master Forecasting Method and Unpublished Stock Market Forecasting Courses
165 W.D.Gann – Method for Forecasting the Stock Market
166 W.D.Gann – Original Charting, 1936
167 W.D.Gann – Speculation a Profitable Profession. A Course of Instructions on Stocks. Volume 1
168 W.D.Gann – The Basis of My Forecasting Method
169 W.D.Gann – The Magic Word
170 W.D.Gann – Truth of the Stock Tape
171 Wall Street Courier – The eBook of Technical Market Indicators
172 Walles Wilder – The Delta Phenomenon or the Hidden Order in All Markets
173 Welles Wilder – New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems
174 William Eng – The Day Trader’s Manual. Theory, Art, and Science of Profitable Short-Term Investing
175 William Mclaren – Gann Made Easy
176 William O’Neil – How to Make Money in Stocks. A Wining System in Good Times or Bad
177 Introduction_to_Forex_Trading
178 Audio Book – Alan Farley – Mastering the Trade
179 Audio Book – Alexander Elder – Trading for a Living
180 Audio Book – Chuck Missler
181 Audio Book – George Soros – The Alchemy of Finance
182 Audio Book – Louis Rukeyser – Secrets of Great Investors
183 Audio Book – Luis Kaiser – Secrets of Great Investors
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