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Best Indian Stocks to buy For Next 10 Years

Best shares to buy for 2019

Best shares (Stocks) to buy are recommended for long term investment that delivers the Returns of more than 100% in 2-4 years (depending on market situations). These stocks have potential to transfigure small investment amount into huge wealth. We have come across a big journey and made these three investment options till date, day in and out we are researching to come with possible new long term investment options in stock market to serve you even better.

As economy and stock market passes through different life stages, in the same way companies also pass through different life stages and accordingly we have diversified our strategies. Investment is made in companies in high growth stage for multibagger returns and on lower side of well-established companies that are in stable growth stage, known as value stocks.

Our focus is much than just providing tips/calls. Taking benefit of both bullish and bearish Stock Market, stocks are suggested to make best investment plan of Growth & Value (Safe) stocks. You can opt even one of the mentioned investment style also but diversification in different investment options reduces risk and increases returns.

Companies in different life cycle stages are divided in different packages
Share market tips in 3 different packages

Stocks of Untapped Small Cap and Mid cap companies in high growth phase.

Investment rationale

High Capital appreciation, these stocks gives best returns in bullish market as high momentum stocks.

Risk & Return

High capital appreciation and high risk. Bought on higher side and gets filtered on Corrections as they throw weaker ones out and you remain only with (survival of fittest) best for again big move in next rally of not less than 100-1000% and this cycle goes on. Stocks may fall even 50%-80% after buying but they rise with much more momentum after that. They have potential to over perform market many times.


Stocks of Well-established companies generally large cap to high mid-cap stocks.

Investment rationale

High Dividend yield + Capital appreciation . Best stocks to buy on best prices.

Risk & Return

Minimum risk with good returns, as these are well known names with trusted fundamentals and bought from lower levels. Though they may not rise much from higher side like multibagger socks they don’t correct like multibagger stocks in correction.


Stocks of Micro-Small Cap companies with price generally below Rs.50.

Investment rationale

Most Momentum Stocks due to lower volumes. Capacity to give 10 x returns within a year. Diversification possible even with small fund.

Risk & Return

Highest risk and fastest returns. Multibagger returns in short term. It’s just like buying options. There is a chance to lose entire money. You may not get chance to exit it. Thin or no trading volumes, It may hit seller circuit. It may be de-listed. So If you have a lot of surplus money you can go ahead

Growth + Value Stocks makes up best Investment plan with high returns

We always suggest our clients to invest in stocks of all categories in different ratios as that makes best investment plan for them considering their risk return profile.

  • 1. It diversifies capital in high growth and well established companies .
  • 2. Benefit of bullish and bearish trend.
  • 3. 10% off is provided if minimum two packages are subscribed together
  • 4. Dual benefit of capital appreciation and dividend yield.
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