“Multibagger Returns in Short Term”

Penny Stocks are best stocks to invest during bottoms and in ongoing Bull Run.

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Best Multibagger Penny Stocks to buy in India 2020

Multibagger Penny Stocks for short term

In Multibagger Penny Stocks category we suggest you the best stocks for short term investment in small cap companies of Indian stock market that could give enormous gains.

These stocks are best Investment during Reversal after downfall i.e. Bottom Fishing Or Ongoing Bull Run.
Fastest and Unbeatable returns. You would be amazed Our more than 70% stocks in last bull run i.e. in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 has skyrocketed, more than 200-300% returns in a year. But the situation changed for small-cap stocks after 2018.

No buy calls are released in Penny Stocks during heavy sell-offs as these stocks need a bullish environment to flourish.

ABJ Stocks believes in Multiabgger Returns i.e. returns of more than 100% and also prefer investments for the Long term in Stocks but in Penny stocks Category stocks are suggested for shorter-term as these stocks rise very fast and give Multibagger Returns in short term. Moreover, they have a low probability to recover after huge corrections owing to Pump and Dump Process so they cannot be invested for the long term horizon. Check out Performance Report of Penny Stocks.

What is penny stock
Basis Of Calls
  • Strong Technicals (Chart Analysis)
  • Fundamentals (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, etc..) of Stocks may or may not be good.

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free of Cost Portfolio Rebalancing in it

Portfolio Rebalancing Complementary with Penny Stocks
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Winning Probability Of Calls

Accuracy of Calls depends on Market timing, if bull run sustains enough after investment in Penny Stocks then your Portfolio must be full of Star performers Of Market but if market has topped just after you entered then situation will not be good.

 Big risk big return in Penny stocks