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A stock worth Rs. 5 per share only has to gain Rs. 5 to double your
money, while one worth Rs.500 per share has to gain Rs. 500 to
double your money.

Low-priced stocks so invest among several stocks

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Multibagger returns in short term

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Best Multibagger Penny Stocks to buy in India 2019

Multibagger Penny Stocks with Strong Fundamentals

Invest in best multibagger penny stocks of Indian stock market to gain in short term.
Generally we don’t make you invest for short term. But these stocks rise very fast and that too majorly only for shorter term

Penny stocks usually have a promoter-operator connection. As easy to operate such shares with less capital. Promoters usually hire investment bankers (low reputed mostly).
These people in turn negotiate a deal with the operators who buy and sell shares anonymously with fake accounts.

These operators carefully create a media agitation or approach individual investors by mail/phone. They artificially push up prices and then offload these equity shares to investors. The profit is then shared between the promoter and operator.
Investors would have no idea as to what or how much shares were insider traded nor how long stocks were held.

We take benefit of this on the basis of technical analysis, we enter in such stocks on lower side and offload in before the fire is extinguished.

During boom times, people are ready to buy anything. So immense multibagger penny stock opportunities are available in bullish markets. We don’t recommend such stocks for long time.

What is penny stock
  • Shares of a company with low market cap.
  • A low price share, price below Rs.50
  • Not trade on all major exchanges may be listed only on BSE and not on NSE.



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Most risky stocks in equities

It’s just like buying options. There is a chance to lose entire money. You may not get chance to exit it. Thin or no trading volumes, It may hit seller circuit. It may be de-listed. So If you have a lot of surplus money you can go ahead

 Big risk big return in Penny stocks