Master your mind for trading in stock market


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Most traders put their attention only on learning the technical side of the market – chart patterns, indicators, reading the bars and volume, creating systems, and the like. Certainly, the technical side of the game is very important, so important that there is no trading without it. But the mental side of the game is just as important. Lacking certain mental skills, traders will struggle to maximize their trading potential or apply their hard learned technical understanding to the market. Think about sports. No professional athlete discounts the mental side of their game. They know the importance of the mental game and they spend a lot of time developing mental skills. They know that no matter how talented they are, they can’t reach their goals without possessing a strong mental game.

Many traders complain that they have read psychology books and taken a seminar, but never quite understand how to use the material they learned. This is common. There is a disconnection between psychology and trading. Ashish Joshi is not only a tutor, but also a trader. He understands not only the mental side of the game, but, just as importantly, how to translate it specifically for trading so that it becomes an integral part of your trading game.

What will I learn

Trader psychology and that directly affects your trading performance by addressing or avoiding common pitfalls.
How to accelerate your trading decision.
How to analyze yourself, your strategy and your results and take big action to improve no matter how good you already are.
Hidden secrets to trader psychology.
Key perspectives necessary for trading success.
Light a passion for trading with a new level of understanding.
Increase your clarity about the role your mindset plays in the profitability equation.
Stand out at trading by understanding yourself.

Course Outline

Trading and investing under stress and pressure
The psychology of trading and investing, strategies for making better decisions under stress and pressure, building resilience and strengthening your nervous system including the use of biofeedback training.
Attention and awareness
Practical strategies for developing strong focus, reducing distractibility and strengthening self-discipline and self-control.
Developing awareness of your trading and investing beliefs and perceptions, learning how to ‘think differently’ and strategies for creating a winning traders/fund managers mindset.
Emotions, trading and investing, and decision making
The latest neuroscience’s research and how to apply it to your trading and investing to enhance your decision making, including how to develop your bodies 6th sense (interception), overcome loss aversion and regret aversion, deal with difficulty, and harness emotions such as fear and excitement.
Trading with the body in mind
The importance of the mind-body connection, the role of gut feelings in decision making, decision fatigue, the embodied brain and strategies for enhancing sleep, nutrition, exercise and recovery to optimize brain function and decision making.
Risk personality
Explore your risk personality and its implications for how you trade by taking a unique risk personality based psychometric test with feedback on how to interpret your results and utilize them to enhance your trading process.
Process power
Understanding the importance of process to successful trading and investing, the high performance cycle, strategies for improving your preparation, execution and evaluation/performance analysis.
Enhancing performance
How to build on your trading and investing strengths, work on/around your weaknesses and make effective behavior change including the use of mental rehearsal and visualization strategies.