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technical analysis advance course
I'll show you how to earn money in stock market as in any other business.
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“You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody” – Dr. Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living
Stock trading is earning money with smart attitude

These courses are for making profit, for entrepreneur mindset people & not meant for doing jobs or getting degrees

Indicators, tools, chart patterns, etc. to understand before learning buy sell systems
basic technical analysis course
rupee 1,00,000
Simple yet successful methods for profitable trading
Trading systems  in stock market
rupee 50,000
Profitable trades are more still losing in stock market??
Money management in stock trading
rupee 50,000
Back testing is giving profit Still net loss in trading account??
master psychology  for stock trading
rupee 50,000

Technical analysis courses online and through classes in Ahmadabad, Gujarat (basic and advance)

Financial Learning is not provided in our Traditional Education System. We find it surprising that we educate ourselves for more than 15-20 years to earn money but the education to put Money at Work remains missing and so we are lifelong caught in a trap for working for money.

You don’t need to be of finance background, people from different fields are attracted in stock market for greed but it’s not easy money its mental money you are your boss you are the person responsible for your success and your failure. You just need to be passionate for trading.

Learn how to make money online through stock market trading

We teach how to make online money through stock market trading. Think about what if you earn sufficient amount without answerable to with someone constantly a creature called the “BOSS”. Without daily going into same boring routine of desk work.

What even if you are not working for 8-10 hours daily and still your capital rising.

  • Taught by Professional investor and trader
  • Lots of E-books provided for reference
  • Support after course completion Classroom & online webinar training
  • Will teach on your set place if batch of minimum 10 people is organized
  • Theoretical and practical trading issues are dealt
Now what’s your choice of workplace
Get rid of job through technical analysis course
Make money online through stock market trading
About our presenter
technical analysis tutor
Ashish Joshi - Technical Analysis Tutor
- Full time trader and investor
Ashish Joshi is a trader and long term investor since last 10 years. Over performing Indian Indices and mutual fund consistently.
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Offers on group technical analysis batches
brokers solution through technical analysis course

Don't be scared of falling markets anymore

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the-intelligent-investor e-book
Many other E-books will be provided for future reference

Don't be scared of falling markets anymore

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